Curriculum Vitae

Carl Höcke (Forest Scientist, Ph.D.)   

Personal Details

  • Born 1974 in Konstanz, Germany
  • Contact information here

Ph.D. Thesis (2001-2006)

  • Ph.D. thesis submitted (March 2006), Ph.D. finished with oral examination "Magna cum laude" (June 2006)

Academic Education

  • Two terms as an exchange student at the SLU in Umeň, Sweden (1999-1998)

Work Experience

  • Employee for teaching in several courses at the Institute of Silviculture, University of Freiburg (April 2005 - August 2005)

Participation of Lectures and Teaching

Courses at the Institute of Silviculture

  • Theories and methods of vegetation science
  • Overview and basics on the vegetation of the earth
  • Applied methods of sampling and analysis in vegetation ecology
  • Excursion to the Swabian Alb (exercises for determination of plants)
  • Flora of Southern Germany (Exercises for determination of plants)


  • Supervision of diploma thesis


Language Skills

  • German: Mother-tongue
  • English: Scientific writing and speaking
  • French: Basic skills in writing and oral (7 years in school)
  • Swedish: Basic skills in writing and oral

Computer Applications

  • Office standard applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint or OpenOffice)
  • Text layout (LATEX)
  • HTML, Javascript
  • Modelling of relational Databases (Access)
  • GIS-applications (basicly ArcView 3.2)
  • Multivariate statistics (Statistica, SPSS, CANOCO, Mulva)
  • Graphic applications (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw)


  • Höcke, C. (2007): Die Geschichte der Walddüngungen in den Buntsandsteingebieten des Schwarzwaldes. Mitteilungen des Badischen Landesvereins für Naturkunde und Naturschutz (in press).
  • Höcke, C., Reif, A. (2006): Langfristige Wirkungen von Bestandesdüngungen auf Boden und Bodenvegetation im Buntsandstein des Schwarzwalds. Mitteilungen der GFH Freiburg, 20, 16-17.
  • Höcke, C. (2003): Fördern Kalkung und Stickstoff-Immissionen die Naturverjüngung der Buche im Baarschwarzwald? Freiburger Universitätsblätter 160, 159-167.

Posters with Abstract

  • Forstwissenschaftliche Tagung 2002, Göttingen


  • Sektionstagung Waldbau 2004, Staufen
  • Südwestdeutscher Floristentag 2007, Karlsruhe

Civilian Service

  • Social work at the "Diakoniestation" in Goslar (1993 to 1995)

Scolar Education


  • Gardening, especially the cultivation of rare shrubs and trees
  • Hiking, skiing (Telemark and cross-country) and exkursions/ journeys to places with a special ecological or historical value
  • Books and music
  • Philosophy